"I've decided that perhaps I'm bulimic and just keep forgetting to purge."

-- Paula Poundstone

Monday, May 17, 2010

Now, that’s what I’m talking about

Whoo-hoo! This weight-loss wagon is moving again!

For this week, at least.

After two weeks with a combined loss of only a pound, I’m happy to report that this past week I lost 5 pounds!

That brings my total to 31.

I finally got around to redeeming my iTunes gift cards last night, so I went from an iPod library of 16 heart-pumping songs to 98.

No lie: The next-to-last song that played this morning was some classical symphony piece.

I guess I accidentally purchased it last night.

No big deal, but it was a bit startling to go from George Michaels’ “I Want Your Sex” to Beethoven.

Have a great week!


  1. Yea!! Congrats on not giving up when the going got even tougher -- and on the payoff! I especially love to see your stats (miles logged, etc.) go up and up. See you Saturday! Love you.

  2. That would be unless Beethoven was some secret fantasy. Good job. I have the same weight loss issues. I'll go for days, even a week or more with no weight loss and then overnight, five pounds gone. Congratulations. You are inspiring me to keep on my diet.

  3. Great Job!!! I knew you would pull something like that. YOU look so GOOD!!!