"I've decided that perhaps I'm bulimic and just keep forgetting to purge."

-- Paula Poundstone

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wii be gettin’ younger

Back when I first told you about this journey, I mentioned that my husband would be joining me.

I haven’t talked much about him here since then, mainly because he’s a far more private person than I am.

But I don’t think he’ll mind if I share with you that he has now lost 30 pounds!

I’m very proud of him.

A few nights ago, we pulled out the Wii Fit. I had bought it about a year ago, played it a few times and put it away.

When we logged in the other night, it told us we hadn’t played in 289 days. Yikes.

If you’re not familiar with Wii Fit, it weighs you and does a battery of balance exercises and more to assess your “Wii Fit Age.”

Well, 289 days or so ago, it told me that age was in the 40s.

I’m 34.

Screw you, Wii Fit. You’re stupid.

But I’m happy to report that when I tried it again a few nights ago, I repeated the weight assessment and balance tests, and it now says I’m 29!

My husband’s Wii Fit Age has fallen dramatically, too.

Bless you, Wii Fit. You’re brilliant.


  1. That is wonderful news for both you & Jim! CONGRATS! Combined the two of you have lost 64 pounds! I'd sure like to see how much weight has been lost from your inspiration... add my 16 pounds to the 64... anyone else?

  2. Awesome! I agree with the Wii's assesment!!!