"I've decided that perhaps I'm bulimic and just keep forgetting to purge."

-- Paula Poundstone

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tour de Kentucky

One day ’til Kentucky. I’m stoked.

I was all prepared to write about not blowing my diet on vacation. I figured I’d look up articles that gave advice about sticking to my routine, eating in when possible … blah, blah, blah.

But let’s get serious.

It’s freaking VACATION.

So, here’s my plan. I’m gonna enjoy myself. I’m gonna eat a few things I don’t normally eat.

You know how Olive Garden has the Tour de Italy plate? I have my Tour de Kentucky.

There’s my beloved mutton and burgoo from Moonlite BBQ. My Geno’s pizza. My Island Dairy Freeze burger.

Grandma’s chicken and dressing.

Hey, I get these things like twice a year. Cut me some slack.

I still plan to walk while I’m there. I think the route from Mom’s down to the Green River and back will make a lovely stroll.

Wave if you see me.

My husband’s parents have a treadmill, so it’s nice to know that’s available, too.

But I’m gonna enjoy this trip, my first home since Christmas. I’m gonna soak in my family’s laughter, my son’s joy and Kentucky’s beauty.

I’m gonna be. And do. And live.

And when I get back, I’ll get right back to reality and continue on this weight loss journey. I’ve come way too far to let one vacation get me off track.

And I know you’ll be right here with words of encouragement, like you have been all along.

That’s why I know I can do it.

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