"I've decided that perhaps I'm bulimic and just keep forgetting to purge."

-- Paula Poundstone

Monday, August 23, 2010

Movin’ on down

Well, my little get-moving scheme worked.

I threw in several walks, some late-night dancing, a sweaty trip to the batting cages and a couple of Zumba classes for the week.

The result: I lost those 3 pounds I had gained in my two “off” weeks.

That’s back to 43 pounds lost.

I’m hoping I can quit playing around with these few pounds and keep losing now. The key will be to get my eating under control again.

I’m still finding the comfort in it right now, and I need to train my brain that food is fuel again.

It doesn’t love me. It doesn’t control me.

I know these things, but man, it’s hard.

During a walk last night with friends Kristy and Kim (and two of our little cuties, shown here), we trekked through this beautiful neighborhood where homes had their windows open to let in the fresh air.

Well, it was dinner time, and they were also letting out their delicious aromas.

Seriously. I hope Kim and Kristy will comment on this, because I don’t know if anyone will believe it.

We started out, and the air smelled like hamburgers on a grill. A little farther down, it smelled like bacon. Heavenly bacon.

Then a few streets over, I swear we smelled marshmallows roasting on an open fire.

Finally, chicken teriyaki. We were certain of it.

I kid you not, I thought we were on some kind of hidden-camera reality show. I was waiting for a man with a mic to run up to me.

“Hey, fatty! We really thought we had you with the bacon. Tell us … how did you keep going?”

Ah, well. I am keeping going, one day at a time.

How about you?


  1. Well, I'll definitely post a comment! And YES this neighborhood has this problem frequently...everyone grills out in the summer and it has been more than a few times when we've considered jumping the fence with a plate. Thanks for the walk ladies!

  2. I'll also corroborate your story... The bacon really was the true test. That, and NOT stopping at Wendy's on the way home!

  3. "heavenly bacon" - just made me laugh. Keep working your game.