"I've decided that perhaps I'm bulimic and just keep forgetting to purge."

-- Paula Poundstone

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One down

My son didn’t care much about my
list so early in the morning.
Well, I did it. I finally marked the first item off My Bucket List.

And it felt spectacular.

The Mackinac Bridge Walk itself (enjoyed, along with the rest of the weekend, in the most perfect weather possible) was 5 miles.

Add another half a mile to and from our parking, and that’s 6.

Add at least 8 miles that we walked the day before on Mackinac Island, and … you’ve got it … we walked about 14 miles in two days. (You’re very good at addition.)

I’m pooped, but still alive to tell about it!

But he’s so much more enthused here.
Can’t you tell?
With me every step of the way were my husband and son, and our friend from Kentucky, Christi. She brought along her husband, daughter and daughter’s best friend.

They drove all this way just to be with me when I marked this adventure off my list.

I am forever grateful. Humbled and grateful.

Several friends have “signed up” to help me mark other milestones off my list, and it means the world to me. I look forward to each one.

I didn’t weigh today, by the way. I just couldn’t make myself.

I am coming off a mental high with the Crim 5K last weekend and the bridge walk yesterday, and to be honest, I just don’t want to ruin that if the number is bad.
I’m so thankful for Christi and her family.

And the number is almost definitely bad. I’ve eaten as much as I’ve walked.

Yes, it’s probably silly to still allow something like a scale to have such an effect on my mood and self-worth, but it does. And I am fearful of what it would have to say right now.

So, I’m breaking the rules and skipping the weigh-in today.

But I’m also going to finally get my fat rump back on track. I have to.

As my husband and I were walking on the island Sunday, he noted how amazed he was at how far I’d walked that day.

Last year, I would have been in a lot of pain and would have complained the whole walk across the island, he said.

Enough said.
He’s right. And that’s only if I would have even tried it in the first place. I probably wouldn’t have.

That moment on the island, and then on the bridge when my toddler son reached out his hand to mine from his stroller, and we held hands for probably half a mile – those were extremely special moments to me.

They’re reminders of why I have to break through this weight loss rut I’ve been in for over two months now.

They’re reminders of why I’m doing this.

We’ve got one life to live, folks. Let’s make the best of it.

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  1. Congrats on making the walk, Misty! And good for you for skipping the weigh-in, I say. You're still on the right track as long as you're doing what is best for you.